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The Genesis Men, Abraham & Sons is the third book in a series of Bible study lessons from Genesis that advocates searching scripture to discover the truth of God’s Word. Questions in this book are designed to help understand the historical stories that the Bible describes for us in somewhat detailed chapter scenarios.

What is instrumental to Bible study is: (1) a desire to expand your knowledge and understanding, (2) a good study Bible, (3) a Bible dictionary, and (4) excellent cross reference aids, including Internet research tools.

A journey through Biblical history tells us the nature of God, has no beginning and no end. This same God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, is the same God of yesterday, today and forever.

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Other Works

The Genesis Men, Noah & Sons

The Genesis Men—Noah & Sons, is the second book of a Bible Study Series designed for small group use or individual study. The questions aim to inspire readers to really look at each scriptural passage, especially the terminology used and the setting in which the story is told by the Biblical author. This book continues the history of the men of Genesis by following the family of Noah from chapters 7 through parts of chapter 11. These verses involve the…..


Chapter & Verse, Crosswords And Other Puzzles (Verse Variety)

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Chapter & Verse, Crosswords And Other Puzzles (Genesis Book Two)

The uniqueness of TJ’s books is that her puzzles are designed to review information taken directly from specific assigned chapters and verses. Further, each puzzle concentrates on a particular Bible story, including verses that apply to the situation being depicted, ergo, the title of the series. These books actually promise to help you review and sharpen your knowledge about a particular circumstance in Bible history which may be covered in one chapter, or several chapters. TJ says that you may…..

The Genesis Men, Jacob & Sons, Twelve Tribes

This book series is aimed to help people with their Bible study, either personal or in a study group. It is the fourth and final book of the Genesis Men Bible Study series and concentrates on the twelve sons of Jacob. These twelve sons become known as the Tribes of Israel. Rather than an extensive history of the tribes, these pages offer an introduction and summary of their lives as they travel to their promised land. Every chapter has a short introduction and follows with questions to help you review and retain information you’ve read.

The Genesis Men Abraham & Sons